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Marco Bruggmann

6.Semester - Professur Schwartz


Located in the center of the villages Guttet, Feschel and Wiler, together with the organziation of the program on ground floor around the courtyard, the building creates a new public space. The absence of the housing units is due to a high amount of abandoned apartments which should be used more efficiently and integrate the researchers to the village. With the negation of the perimeter the view of the existing buildings don’t get interrupted, a sublime effect, the activation of the new artificial lake as well as perfect technical conditions are generated.

With the horizontal overhang of the corners a dialogue between the topography occurs, the view get framed and a dramatic entering to the court is generated. The court is the crossing of the hiking paths and serves for the communication inside the building. With the compact form and its massive expression the building reacts on the scale of the alpine landscape. The court as a counterpart creates an intimate space on human scale.

The Building grounds on a minimum amount of 3 points due to archeological excavations at this area.

With its 4 cantilevers the frame is reduced to a minimum as well. The overhang is possible trough prestressed lightweight concrete. The thickness of the lightweight concrete enabels the structure to be pure, isolated and optimized in terms of buckling due to the higher thickness. The court is not exactly in the center - on the one hand this move generates different spatial atmospheres in the interior, but as well it offers the possibility to open up the main view while reducing the weight on the outreaching part and raising it at the less outreaching part to get the structure in a global equilibrium.


„It’s a masterpiece.“ - Richard Horden, FS17 ETH Zurich, Final Presentation


Projektbeteiligte: Fabian Schwindling, Marco Bruggmann

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