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Nik Bieri

6.Semester - Professur Christiaanse

(Projektarbeit mit Ileana Dan, Tobias Germann, Samuel Meier)

"This urbanistic proposal aims to establish a new centrality for the surrounding neighbourhoods. The extant viaduct forms the project's core. Partly preserved and partly extended, it creates a lively strip featuring public, collective and neighbourhoodrelated uses. In order to make the new centre accessible, the borders isolating the viaduct today are removed. The existing trench containing the train tracks is replaced by a represantive facade, an accessibilit is fostered by the creation of a public space comunicating between the City of London and the new neighbourhood centre. To the east of the site, a new square links a sequence of public spaces to the Allens Gardens. In the long term, the existing buildings surrounding the open spaces will be densified. The southern connection to Spitalfields is more difficult to establish. By covering the rail tracks, however, the two neighbourhoods can be neatly integrated. Similarly, the northern border between site and neighbourhood is bridged by continuity of the street grid. Thus, the urban pattern of both the southern and northern neighbourhoods is linked to the project, opening new urban spaces on the historic, albeit newly interpreted, centre. Therefore, the entrances to the station are placed at the project's most public location. The complex demand for building types is exemplified by the area north of the new centre, where office spaces and apartments have to be reconciled with the London Overground rails crossing the building plots. A meandering framework allows sufficient daylight and provides the apartments with private terraces. The space below the London Overground is used as a "rue intérieure" to access the apartments and separates residential units from office spaces and retail. Implementing the urbanistic concept requires that the tracks, which cut along the southern edge of the site, be covered. The proposal can easily be divided into separate investment and construction units. By eliminating barriers and thus establishing better connectivity between neighbourhoods, the project manages to invert the current situation from a closed site separating neighbourhoods to a new centre. The project stands out, both because of its successful integration into the existing fabric and the creation of a new public centrality for Shoreditch."


- Kretz Simon und Chipperfield David. On Planning - A Thought Experiment. Zürich, 2018, S.88 ff.

- ausgestellt an der Biennale Venedig 2018

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